Product:  Gearhalo™ Pod

GearHalo™ is an effective means of combating the smell created in gear from active sports and lifestyles.  GearHalo™ claims the following:

  1. This product is not a pest control device.  It is a powerful deoderizer that adds moisture removal to combat the stink of your gear.
  2. The moisture removal system will absorb up to 30-40% of its weight in moisture.  Regeneration is required in a hot air dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes to maintain this capacity.  Pods are not to be washed or submersed in water. 
  3. The pod contains natural fragrance deodorizers contained within a polymer delivery system. Strength of the fragrance will reduce over time.  We claim that the fragrance will last for one season if it is used consistently in one piece of gear (boots, shoes, skates,  gloves).  If not stored inside of the gear, or an enclosed bag or locker, the pods should be placed in a ziplock style bag to preserve the fragrance.  Excessive regeneration of the moisture removal system will deplete the fragrance more rapidly.  Once the fragrance is depleted, the pods should be used for their other functions; anti-microbial action, and moisture removal.
  4. GearHalo™ warrants that its product the GearHalo™ pod will perform to the above specifications for the life of the product, or as detailed. GearHalo™ does not warrant the following:
    1. Washing of the pod, or submersing in water or other liquids.
    2. Any damage to the pod caused by cutting, tearing, poking, or general wear and tear. Should the pod become damaged, it should be disposed of and replaced.  Contents are non-toxic but do pose a choking hazard.
    3. Any staining that may occur to the fabric shell due to use in high moisture or contaminated environments.
  5. GearHalo™ products are warranted against defects in the manufacturing process only. Buyers’ sole remedy against the manufacturer shall be the replacement of the defective product. Because applications vary, no use or suitability warranty is implied or intended. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine if our item/product will adequately suit the application.

*  Subject to revisions and changes.