– Our Mission –

To provide the best solution to the real problem of stink

About Us

Fresh Sports Gear is the official U.S. based online distributor for a brand new product called GearHalo™, headquartered out of Canada. By purchasing through us, you save on shipping costs, and with large enough orders, we’ll even ship for free!

At Fresh Sports Gear, we all come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems in sports, fitness, the workplace, and even around the house. You can’t escape it; odors are everywhere. For decades products have been created to resolve this. There are sprays, inserts, charcoal filled bags and so many other products out there that just don’t work. We decided to put a stop to it all and let the world know about the exciting new process of infusing silver into fabrics. Silver kills the stink at its source. Check out the science behind it